Saturday, February 13, 2010

Intel Itanium outsells AMD Opteron

Intel Itanium outsells AMD Opteron

Intel kicked off its Itanium presentation today by saying the Itanium's system revenue since the introduction of 2001 has crossed the $5 billion mark. That outsells total sales of AMD's Opterons.

And, according to IDC Itanium sales surpassed all of SPARC sales for the first time since the introduction of the Itanium. That was in 2001 and was the culmination of former CEO Andy Grove's dreams of a microprocessor that was truly mission critical.

Never before has Intel put two billion transistors onto a transistor. The presenter said that if I started clicking on his foils and there were two billion of them, it would take 62 years, Intel put six microprocessors into the last platform. But corporate customers demand investment protection. This will be the first time Intel will be able to connect eight microprocessors "gluelessly" and without "forklifting" and they can be interconnected seamlessly like 64 socket systems that will be available from HP.

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